Here you can read about some custom quests!

Enter Start: xx:15
Enter Finis: xx:20
Reward: DragonBall
Every hour at :15 you can join treasure hunt. Speack with TreasureHunt Npc from TC near WH.
You are not allowed with bow`s or any other items in inventory. Every kill will give you a prize.
Winner need to kill 25 boxes.
Do not use any PORTAL

2.PK Tournament

Enter Start: xx:55
Enter Finsih: xx:00
Reward: MoonBox
Every hour you can participate in PK tournament. Entrance in TC 456, 375.

3.TC DragonBall Drop.

Start: xx:40
Finsih: xx:40
Reward: DB
Every hour you can get 0 or more DB`s in TC. They will spawn in TwinCity.

4.MZ Meteor Rush

Start: xx:05
Finsih: xx:15
Reward: meteor
Every hour at xx:05 all monster will drop increased meteors for 10 min!

5.TC Map Gold Rush

Start: xx:30
Finsih: xx:35
Reward: Gold
Every hour at xx;30 all monster will drop increased gold in your inventory for 5 min!

5.Guild War

Start: Saturnday at 14:00 Server Time
Finsih: Sunday at 16:00 Server Time
Reward: 100kk Gold, 1x MeteoriteShard, 1x GW Cup (1200 HP and MP)

6.City`s Raid

Start: Every Day at 10:00 AM and 20:00 PM Server Time
Reward: 100k Gold and +5 Stone.
At this hours you can find them in the main City`s. They are strong mobs and will attack guards.. so hurry up to get them.

7.Hunger Games Event

Start: 20:25 and 03:25
Finsih: 20:30 and 03:30
Reward: Super Gems, MB, MeteoriteShard, ExemptionToken, DBScroll, Class 6 and 5 MoneyBag, +6Stone! (only one can be won at a time)
Every day at 20:25 and 03:25 speak with EventManager or HGAdmin in TC (434,352) to enter to the preparation map. You need to unequip all your items, empty inventory and lvl 100+. Once in preparation area you will need to wait 5 minutes for other players to join. At 20:30 or 03:30 no one can join any more and the players from preparation map will be teleported at 20:35 or 03:35 to a TC like map anf the game begin. In the center you will find some weps, hp pots and gear. All participant will not have XP, Stamina, Mana, and HP reduced. Last player win.

8.TC Mine Queen

Start: Any time some one mine in TC
Reward: Super Gem
If any one mine in TC there is a chance to woke up the Mine Queen! Once you get a gem from mining, the Queen have a chance to spawn on the same spot as you! Take care as this is a strong monster!

9.XReward NPC

Start: Kill monsters.
Reward: DragonBall
TwinCity(422,374) that will reward 1 DragonBall for every 10k monster kill points.

9.TH Mine

Start: Mine
Reward: Custom items.
You can go to this mine from TC. Speack with Conductress
The name for this is TreasureHunt Mine.
You know those pirates in TH that stollent your goods ? 
Well now you can get them back by finding them in this mine! 
Just get a pickaxe and start mining!
Yu can find mets, DB`s, Normal/Ref gems, +Stones and so on..
Also you can find random generated items with 1 or 2 soc (weps only 2soc) 
Ex: A club with +3 ndg nrg -2....

9.Lottery System

Start: Buy Ticket
Reward: Gold
You can find the new npc in TC at 422,361
This is a lotto system where players buy tickets at 100.000 gold each.
Every ticket purchased will increase the Prize Pot!
The chosen winner will be selected every monday on a random algorithm!
The winner has one week to claim his reward!

10.Pig Race

Start: 15:00, 19:00, 23:00, 03:00
End: 15:03, 19:03, 23:03, 03:03
Reward: EnchantedKey
You can enter by speaking with EventManager in TC.
First you will enter a waithing map and at 15:05, 19:05, 23:05, 03:05 you will be teleported to the event map.
In this event you will get disquised in a pig and you shoul run over some dots. 
The first who find 20 dots is the winner and players will be teleported out.

Custom Items

AttackPot - 1000+ extra dmg. for 1h.
TripleExpPot - 300x Exp for 2h.
UberExpPot - 500x Exp for 2h.
ItemPacker - Pack 10 DB`s or 10 Mets or 5 +1Stone in DBScroll, Metscroll or +1StonePack.
MeoriteShard - chance to get 1st soc in gear at MasterArtisan in Market.
HeartJade - Grants 5 levels.
MagicOrb - grants 1 free level.
LotteryTicket - Used to enter lottery in Market.
EnchantedKey - Item used to open LockBoxes and SpecialPacks.
GloriousLockBox - first LockBox in game.

Compose items: This is the old compose style! If you use for ex 2 +4 stones on a no + item it will make it +1!!! You need to have +4 item to use 2 +4Stone to get a +5.

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Trunks : Trade my Sword +7 -5 for same Blade Buy -5 tao items

Accie : B> 2 sock ring, WH me

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