Welcome to our 4th year of ConquerX!

Server Version: 5065
Server Type: Classic
Rates: Middle
Red/Black DROP Gear
Started 26.06.2014
No Nobility
No Potency
No Talismans
No Ninja
No Mentors
No Item Lock
GW from Saturday to Sunday
GW Start: 14:00 (2 PM) (Server Time)
GW Finish: 19:00 (7 PM)(Server Time)

Game news

New in game as of 17.08.2016:

From today all votes are recorded.
At the end of the month the winner will get VIP for 1 Month!
Also the second and third will receive 2 Enchanted Keys each!

You can check you Monthly votes by login on website under Vote Points.


Server News

New in game as of 06.08.2016:

Taoist zaps (Thunder & Fire) will zap a lot more monsters at the same time that are close together,
not just one monster making leveling Taoists fun just like other classes.


Patch 1051

New in game as of 29.07.2016:
Hunger Games Event reopened! Every day at 20:25 and 03:25!
New items added.
DiamondRing - Level 137 Ring. Use market to up level yours.
RockBoots - Level 130 boots.
GourdLockBox - New LockBox.

GourdLockBox Chance to get one of the items:

1. AttackGourd +800 Attack and HP
2. MagicGourd +800 M-Attack and MP
3. RockBoots - Level 130 Boots
4. HeartJade
5. MagicOrb
6. +5 Stone
7. Class6MoneyBag
8. DBScroll


Patch 1049

New in game as of 25.07.2016:

Patch 1049 was released please update client!
New event in game Pig Race!

Pig Race event:
Start 4 times a day: 15:05, 19:05, 23:05, 03:05 Server time.
Reward: 1x EnchantedKey
In this event you will get disquised in a pig and you shoul run over some dots.
The first who find 20 dots is the winner and players will be teleported out.



Server Maintenance for 30 min starting at 12:30 25.07.2016 Server Time.

Server news

New in game as of 19.07.2016:

Vip option changed from permanent to 30 days.
After you get your VIP pot from market love stone and use it will be ok for 30 days.
Also the VIP pot now can be traded/solded/droped.

More to come.


Server news

New in game as of 07.07.2016:
Two new items added.
EnchantedKey - Item used to open LockBoxes and SpecialPacks.
Can be optained by Vote and Donation.
GloriousLockBox - first LockBox in game.
Can be optained by hunt in game.

GloriousLockBox Chance to get on of the items:

1. Super +9 -5 2 soc SDG Boots Level 10
2. Unique +5 -1 1 soc SDG Boots Level 10
3. Normal 1 soc Boots Level 10
4. HeartJade
5. MagicOrb
6. +5 Stone
7. Class6MoneyBag
8. DBScroll


Patch 1044

Patch 1044

Lotto entry in market changed from gold to LotteryTicket.
Lotto entry times changed from 20 to 40.

Two new items in game:
MagicOrb - grants 1 free level. Can be found in monster drop or vote rewards.
LotteryTicket - Used to enter lottery in Market. Can be optained from drops or vote rewards.


ConquerX 2 years online!

Happy Birthday for ConquerX!
Started from today until 01.07.2016
Donations are double in points.
Drop rates on most items are double.
TC money event will give you 10k per kill.
DB`s drop event in TC will spawn more DB`s than usual.

VISIT WelcomeNPC to get your free daily items!

happy easter


Happy Easter!

ConquerX Team wishes you Happy Easter!
Started from today until 30.04.2016 all donations are double.
Also for the 28.04.2016 will have a big drop party!
DB`s drop event in TC will spawn more DB`s than usual,
on 26,27,28-04-2016.
happy easter


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