9 Years Online!
Server: Online
Uptime: 4 days, 23 h, 56 m
Online: 45/70

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Welcome to ConquerX

  • Server Version: 5065
  • Server Type: Custom Classic
  • Rates: Middle
  • Red/Black DROP Gear
  • Long spanned server
  • Started 26.06.2014
  • Custom Nobility
  • No Potency
  • No Talismans
  • No Ninja
  • No Mentors
  • No Item Lock

The new ConquerX

Following a remarkable eight-year tenure of minimal downtime on the ConquerX Online server, I facilitated its migration to an alternative source, while preserving the client version 5065. The new source was meticulously crafted from scratch with an emphasis on stability and scalability.

New features!

The server will maintain an active server/website connection and offer extensive statistical information. Notably, it boasts a dynamic marketplace which provides real-time updates on player sales, as well as detailed item pricing statistics. Furthermore, our Armory feature is also available for your perusal.