ConquerX Server Details

CPU: Intel i7 920
LOCATION: US(New Jersey)

Me "ConquerX[PM]" as web/server developer and as GM/PM in game.

This server started as a project of me "ConquerX" to emulate the game Conquer Online.
Was not started with "donations" in mind like others servers and I will keep it online for a long time to come.

We are a non profit organisation/person and we are in no way and do not claim that we are affiliated with - Any companies.

NEVER ever share your accounts/items I will do nothing about if something happen! Exploiting and cheating on server is not allowed.

In game rules:
- No Hacks
- No Bots
- No Clickers
- No religion & racism
- No real money items/acc sell/buy (this will lead for seller in all accounts banned and items removed from buyer!)
- No bad words to GM/PM
- Bug abusing is not allowed
- Blocking a npc with other chars is not allowed
- Blocking a NPC/Portal wirt Guild Conductress is not allowed!
- Abusing ANY event with alt chars is not allowed
*Not folloing this can result in a permanent ban on all your accounts!
*Any one cought speaking about real money trade will be banned!

In game other rules:
- In TALK channel is not allowed swearing/insult about family.
- For other channels you have and can use FILTERS.
*Not folloing this can result in a 1 day ban and perm ban on your third 1 day ban.

In game broadcast rules:
- No racism
- No swearing
- No Religion
- Game related only
- all others
*Not folloing the broadcast rules will lead to 1 day ban for any reports I get!

What is a PH:

A PH is a short sentence from players helper in game. Whats this? Well he is after all just a normal player like any one else.. has no real powers but he does have access to a GM account in case of a temp ban. After they have to report to me for the ban and I will decide if the ban will remain or no. Player helper dont mean he should give you items or gold. It means he can ANSWER you game related questions. He is allowed to kos, pk and all related conquer game as he is a normal player on his personal character.