Compose items: This is the old compose style! If you use for ex 2 +4 stones on a no + item it will make it +1!!! You need to have +4 item to use 2 +4Stone to get a +5.

How to open the game on Full Screen: Put the game on windowed 1024, than close the client. Open _ConfigCreator.exe from game folder, check Full Screen than save. Start the game.

  • 1.TreasureHunt (PVE)

    Enter start: xx:15
    Enter finish: xx:20
    Reward: DragonBall
    Every hour at :15 you can join treasure hunt. Speak with TreasureHunt Npc from TC near WH.
    You are not allowed to enter with bow`s or any other items in inventory. Every kill will give you a prize.
    Winner needs to kill 25 boxes.
    Do not use any PORTAL

  • 2.PK Tournament (PVP)

    Enter Start: xx:55
    Enter finish: xx:00
    Reward: MoonBox
    Every hour you can participate in PK tournament. Entrance in TC 456, 375.

  • 3.TC DragonBall Drop (PVE)

    Start: xx:40
    Finish: xx:40
    Reward: DB
    Every hour you can get 0 or more DB`s in TC. They will spawn in TwinCity.

  • 4.MZ Meteor Rush (PVE)

    Start: xx:05
    Finish: xx:15
    Reward: meteor
    Every hour at xx:05 all monsters will drop increased meteors for 10 min!

  • 5.TC Map Gold Rush (PVE)

    Start: xx:30
    Finsih: xx:35
    Reward: Gold
    Every hour at xx:30 all monsters on TC Map will drop increased gold in your inventory for 5 min!

  • 5.Guild War (PVP)

    Start: Saturnday at 14:00 Server Time
    Finsih: Sunday at 19:00 Server Time
    Reward: 100kk Gold, 1x MeteoriteShard, 1x GW Cup (1200 HP and MP)

  • 6.City`s Raid (PVE)

    Start: Every Day at 10:00 AM and 20:00 PM Server Time
    Reward: +5Stone.
    At this hour you can find them in the main City`s. They are strong mobs and will attack guards.. so hurry up and get them.

  • 7.Hunger Games Event (PVP)

    Start: 20:25 and 03:25
    finish: 20:30 and 03:30
    Reward: Super Gems, MB, MeteoriteShard, ExemptionToken, DBScroll, Class 6 and 5 MoneyBag, +6Stone! (only one can be won at a time)
    Every day at 20:25 and 03:25 speak with EventManager or HGAdmin in TC (434,352) to enter to the preparation map. You need to unequip all your items, empty your inventory and be lvl 100+. Once in preparation area you will need to wait 5 minutes for other players to join. At 20:30 or 03:30 no one can join any more and the players from preparation map will be teleported at 20:35 or 03:35 to a TC like map and the game begin. In the center you will find some weps, HP pots, rings and necklaces. All participant will not have XP, Stamina, Mana, and HP reduced. Last player win.

  • 8.TC Mine Queen (PVP/PVE)

    Start: Any time someone mines in TC
    Reward: Super Gem
    If any one mines in TC, there is a chance to wake up the Mine Queen! Once you get a gem from mining, the Queen has a chance to spawn on the same spot as you! Take care as this is a strong monster!

  • 9.XReward NPC

    Start: Kill monsters.
    Reward: DragonBall
    TwinCity(422,374) that will reward 1 DragonBall for every 10k monster kill points.

  • 10.TH Mine

    Start: Mine
    You can go to this mine from TC. Speak with Conductress
    The name for this is TreasureHunt Mine.
    You know those pirates in TH that stole your goods ?
    Well now you can get back at them by finding them in this mine!
    Just get a pickaxe and start mining!
    You can find mets, DB`s, Normal/Ref gems, +Stones and so on..
    Also you can find random generated items with 1 or 2 soc (weps only 2soc)
    Ex: A club with +3 ndg nrg -2

  • 11.Lottery System

    Start: Buy Ticket
    Reward: Gold
    You can find the new npc in TC at 422,361
    This is a lotto system where players buy tickets at 100.000 gold each.
    Every ticket purchased will increase the Prize Pot!
    The chosen winner will be selected every monday on a random algorithm!
    The winner has one week to claim his reward!

  • 12.Pig Race (PVE)

    Start: 15:00, 19:00, 23:00, 03:00
    End: 15:03, 19:03, 23:03, 03:03
    Reward: EnchantedKey
    You can enter by speaking with EventManager in TC.
    First you will enter a waiting map and at 15:05, 19:05, 23:05, 03:05 you will be teleported to the event map.
    In this event you will get disguised a a pig and you should run over random generated dots.
    The first to find 20 dots is the winner and players will be teleported out.

  • 14.GarmentLotto

    Located in TC (424, 359)
    Pay 1,000,000 Gold to enter the lottery once.
    You can enter as many times as you want. 1 winner will be chosen weekly on Monday at 00:01 server time. Winner will receive one GarmentBag. You can claim your prize and the check the winner at the GarmentLotto NPC.

  • 15.WorldBoss Dragon (PVE)

    Will summon everyday at 21:30 server time.
    Entrance to Dragon map is free and from EventManager in TC
    It has some cool effects and one deadly attack skill if he hits you. Before the deadly hit he will make a glow gray circle around him
    From that momment you have like 5 sec to get away from him. Fail to do so it will be a 100% death.
    Rewards: Winner last hit will get a +7Stone rest will drop on the floor Metscrolls, DBScrolls, +5Stones, 1 MeteoriteShard.

  • 16.DisCity (PVE)

    Start: Mon & Wed 8:00pm-9:30pm or Tues & Thurs 12:00pm-1:30pm
    1. DC Garment
    2. DBScroll
    3. Random item
    Random Items:
    1 Stone +4
    1 Stone +5
    1 Stone +6
    5 MetScrolls
    1 EnchantedKey
    1 MagicOrb (1 level)
    35M Gold
    1 SKG
    To enter the event visit SolarSaint in ApeCity at the top.

  • 17.LabToken quest

    UnknownMan in market will make this for you.
    To make this you will need 4 tokens from lab bosses.
    GibbonToken, NagaLordToken, TalonToken, HowlerToken.

  • 18.Extra attribute point

    CelestialTao in market will sell you attribute points.
    To buy 1 attribute point you need to be 2nd reborn and max job.
    Also you will need 25,000,000 gold, 1 MoonBox, 1 SKG and 1 LabToken.
    To add it to another option just realot and use the attribute where you want.

  • 19.Ten`n out Event (PVP)

    Enter Start: xx:40
    Enter finish: xx:43
    Reward: 15,000,000 Gold
    Every hour you can participate in ten`n out event. Entrance in TC 443, 352 at npc Exorcist (Near pet master).
    You can claim prize if you are left alone and time not more than xx:59

  • 20.Mini GW (daily) (PVP)

    Monday - 1:00-2:00 AM Server time
    Tuesday - 6:00-7:00 AM Server time
    Wednesday - 11:00-12:00 AM Server time
    Thursday - 16:00-17:00 PM Server time
    Friday - 21:00-22:00 PM Server time
    Reward: 50m Gold
    The mini GW is up for 1 hour. The winner guild can claim the prize from ending till midnight. To enter mini GW or to claim the prize speak with the npc in TC 397,320.

  • 21.Captute the Flag Event (PVP)

    Enter: xx:10 - xx:14
    Start: xx:15
    Reward: +5Stone
    Entrance in TC 440, 352 at npc FlagAdmin (Near pet master).
    Once you are inside the fight map there is a flag! First to kill it will gain the flag. You have 2 options to run from others or fight them. If you die you are out. From xx:20 to xx:25 you can speak with the NPC inside to claim the reward but only if you have the flag on you!

  • 22.Keep the Kill Event (PVP)

    Enter: xx:21 - xx:24
    Start: xx:25
    Reward: +5Stone
    Entrance in TC 446, 352 at npc CaptainLi (Near pet master).
    How to: First to get 10 points win the event. You get 1 point when you make your second kill and don't die in between. If you die, you will be revived on a jail type map and as long as there is 1 player left in the event you can join him and fight.

  • Attack/Deffence reduction/calculation 7 items, 2 soc with STgs (6pct each) = 7 x 2 x 6 = 84pct.
    7 items, 2 soc with -7 blessing = 7 x 7 = 49 pct.
    According to the CO the tortoise damage is reduced first, then the blessed effect afterwards.
    Ex: from 1000 dmg it will be reduced to 160 wit all STG.
    160 will be reduced from blessing items to 82.
    It is better to have stg than bless for first impact.
    Also keep in mind:
    Drag/Nix - No cap
    Rain - No cap
    Vio/Moon - No cap
    Fury - No cap (although..who would do such a thing?
    Kylin - capped at 400% per item
    Tortoise - capped at max 50% (8 STG and 1 NTG)
    Reduction calculation: Your defence get first after STG and finally bless.
  • Anti BOT system

    While hunting is it posible to be asked a simple math question. Answering wrong will send your char to jail. Once sent you need to wait 4 hours to be able to get out. Also you have only 3 strikes... after this you wont be able to get out.

  • Custom Items

    AttackPot - 1000+ extra dmg. for 1h.
    TripleExpPot - 300x Exp for 2h.
    UberExpPot - 500x Exp for 2h.
    ItemPacker - Pack 10 DB`s or 10 Mets or 5 +1Stone into DBScroll, Metscroll or +1StonePack.
    MeteorShard - Get a chance to 1st soc any gear at MasterArtisan in Market.
    HeartJade - Grants 5 levels.
    MagicOrb - Grants 1 level.
    LotteryTicket - Used to enter lottery in Market.
    DiamondRing - Level 127 Ring. Use market to upgrade your 126 ring into it at the cost of a DB.
    RockBoots - Level 130 boots
    EnchantedKey - Item used to open LockBoxes and SpecialPacks.
    GloriousLockBox - first LockBox in game.
    GourdLockBox - New LockBox.
    GibbonToken - Lab 1 boss drop (used to make LabToken).
    NagaLordToken - Lab 2 boss drop (used to make LabToken).
    TalonToken - Lab 3 boss drop (used to make LabToken).
    HowlerToken - Lab 4 boss drop (used to make LabToken).
    LabToken - Neded when you buy extra attribute point.
    MetScrollBox - 10 MetScrolls. You can get MetScrollBox by withdraw 10/20 MetScrolls from xBank
    DBScrollBox - 10 DBScrolls. You can get DBScrollBox at MillionaierLee in market.
    LuckyCharm - Cost 10 TopMoneyBags. Can be obtained from SpaceMark in market. Will 1st soc your garment.

  • Custom Settings

    You can make the game in full screen to match your windows resolution.
    For this you need to put the game in windowed 1024 from inside game setup.
    After that close the game and open _ConfigCreator.exe from game folder and change desired resolution.
    You can also increase FPS here.