1: We do not give refunds on donations/purchases made to our server/website.

2: All donations are used to uphold the server. Donating is not
a requirement- and you understand that you are not 'purchasing'
ANY type of service by donating.

3: We are in no way and do not claim that we are affiliated with
- Any companies.

4: We own all rights of the accounts and characters created on
the server, as such we reserve the rights to ban and remove
the character of a player which has broken the rules.

5: We take no responsibilty for regular or donation items
that have been lost due to a character being banned
or deleted by breaking the rules.

6: We will never ask you for your account or password as we have
access to both. If you decide to give it to someone else we
will in no way be responsible for loss of items or the character.

7: We reserve all rights of the server, website, chat and forum,
giving us the right to use

8: ConquerX server was made for the purpose of emulating a game
experience. We do not intend to breach any form of copyright.
If you are a representative of a company that believes that we
may have breached your copyright, please contact us so that we
can immediately, and swiftly rectify any problem you may have.

9: Accounts trades/sells and so on are not allowed.

Agreement of terms

1: You agree to any future changes to the content regarding
donations and rules.

2: You agree that you are over 18 or have consent
from one or both parents when you donate to the server
and that you or your parent/parents take responsibility
for the donation you make.

3: You agree to these terms and the rules concerning the server,
website, chat and forum.

4: You agree to not advertise for other servers on ours.

5: You agree that even if you bypass this agreement of terms that
you still agree to the terms contained within it by entering
the website.

6: You agree to use only our game client and no other third party