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Welcome to our 7th year of ConquerX!

Server Version: 5062
Server Type: Classic
Rates: Middle
Red/Black DROP Gear
Started 26.06.2014
Location US (best ping all around)
No Nobility
No Potency
No Talismans
No Ninja
No Mentors
No Item Lock
GW from Saturday to Sunday
GW Start: 14:00 (2 PM) (Server Time)
GW Finish: 19:00 (7 PM)(Server Time)

Hunger games change2018-06-11 00:00:00

Hunger games timer changed.
You have now 9 minutes to enter, from :25 to :34. At :35 the game start. Hour is the same.

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May vote winners2018-06-06 00:00:00

Vote winners as of 01.06.2018:

Winners for May Top Votes:

Lilly 108 Votes - 10DP
*ConstantlY* 105 Votes - 7DP
Arcitima 102 Votes - 5DP


Announcement2018-06-01 00:00:00

ConquerX Birthday on 26.06.2018

I will add 10 new exclusive garments and will be won only on that day.
Also there will be a cake contest. More info and reward will be added to forums.

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Mainenance finished.2018-05-17 00:00:00

Patch 1080 - 1083

Scatter learned at lvl 10.
Reduced stakes hp in TC
Added commandtoken proper names.
Remade entry for lotto in market. Now you dont need to have money in inv if you have a ticket.
Added Meteortears and Lifefruitbaskets to itempacker.
Squamas: chance to get DBScroll, DB, Met or 100000 gold.

Added a new event: Noob PK evvent. Will be every hout at 20-25 minutes.
The reward is 1.000.000 gold and 1 SuperEXPBall.
SuperEXPBall will give your level * 100000 exp.

Added new system: Pets
For now there are 6 pets. 2 of them magic and 4 normal attack.
They are in alpha stage and a forums theard will be opened to discuse the stats.

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Server maintenance.2018-05-17 00:00:00

Server will be taken off for maintenance for 1-2 hours.
Will beggin at 10:30 server time.

April vote winners2018-05-04 00:00:00

Vote winners as of 01.05.2018:

Winners for April Top Votes:

Arcitima 112 Votes - 10DP
farm01 112 Votes - 7DP
Lilly 111 Votes - 5DP


Announce2018-04-24 00:00:00

ConquerX[PM] absence.
Just wanted to let you guys know I dont have time this days to work or login on server.
I have to finish some work projects and this weekend will be my birthday after that 1 weeding to attend.
Hopefully after the first week of May all will resume to normal and I can do some more job`s on server.
If any problems I you can use discord or facebook to message me.

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New update2018-04-15 00:00:00

Tornado's max level increased to 4 from 3
Reduced cast time for "Fire Ring"
Reduced cast time for "Fire Circle"
RapidFire does more damage
Dash now does more damage
Warriors "Shield" spell time increased to 180s from 120s
PK Amulet now has a higher chance to be won from lottery
LifeFruit healing changed from Instant full HP to only 5000 per fruit
New level 120 "LightArrow" added to "Shopping Mall"

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Happy easter 20182018-04-07 00:00:00

Happy Easter from ConquerX

March vote winners2018-04-01 00:00:00

Winners for March Top Votes:

Lilly 115 Votes - 10DP
*ConstantlY* 106 Votes - 7DP
Arcitima 104 Votes - 5DP


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