HINT: Avicii + Mythic = eternal love!

Welcome to our 8th year of ConquerX!

Server Version: 5062
Server Type: Classic
Rates: Middle
Red/Black DROP Gear
Started 26.06.2014
Location US (best ping all around)
No Nobility
No Potency
No Talismans
No Ninja
No Mentors
No Item Lock
GW from Saturday to Sunday
GW Start: 14:00 (2 PM) (Server Time)
GW Finish: 19:00 (7 PM)(Server Time)

April vote winners2022-05-01 18:59:48

Vote winners as of 01-05-2022 18:59:48:

Winners for April Top Votes:

Mystery 127 Votes - 10DP
MENDONZA#41 100 Votes - 7DP
Gismo 92 Votes - 5DP


Happy easter 20222022-04-20 14:31:43

happy easter
ConquerX Team wishes you a Happy Easter!
Starting from today until 24.04.2022 all donations and vote points are double.
EnchantedKey drop rate slightly increased!


March vote winners2022-04-01 18:59:48

Vote winners as of 01-04-2022 18:59:48:

Winners for March Top Votes:

Mystery 129 Votes - 10DP
MENDONZA#41 120 Votes - 7DP
Gismo 88 Votes - 5DP


February vote winners2022-03-01 18:59:47

Vote winners as of 01-03-2022 18:59:47:

Winners for February Top Votes:

Mystery 95 Votes - 10DP
MENDONZA#41 88 Votes - 7DP
Gismo 80 Votes - 5DP


No war2022-02-26 01:07:19

We stand with Ukraine

ConquerX Server stand with Ukraine.


Valentine's Day Quest2022-02-14 00:31:47

Tonight's maintenance will take a bit longer. Valentine quest will be enabled. Patch 1219 is required to connect.

Quest walkthrough:
1. Talk to Flower Fairy in TwinCity
2. Get Woodland Flute.
3. Go to Dreamland: Teleport there by talking to the fairy again.
4. Wake the Trees (4 of them in map corners): By playing the woodland flute for the trees, monstrous flowers will sprout up around the tree!
5. Kill the Monstrous Flowers: You can get special flowers by killing these monsters.
6. Collect all Flowers: Collect a Sunshine Flower, a Rage Flower, a Teardrop Flower, and a Peace Flower.
7. Run to the Love Pond: The pond at the center of the map can be used to combine the flowers into a special Love Bouquet!
8. Get Love Pouch: Hand the love bouquet to the flower fairy and you'll get a love pouch!
9. Moon Platform / Matchmaker: Talk to Luna just outside the walls of Twin City to the Northwest. Travel to the moon platform and find the matchmaker. You will get an item needed for Princess Qiao.
10. Talk to Princess Qiao in TwinCity Palace Bridge.
11. Find Prince Wu in TwinCity near Blacksmith.
12. Team Up with Spouse: Make a team with your spouse. Make sure you're the leader.
13. Travel to Dreamland: The Prince will give you an item and send you with his escort.
14. Find an Invitation: Kill guards to find it.
15. Go to Garden Show: Right-click the invitation to travel there.
16. Talk to the Dreamy Queen: She can be convinced to swap her Floral Ring for the Prince's special item!
17. Travel Back: Go back to Twin City and take the ring to Prince Wu.
18. Deliver gem: To complete the quest, deliver the gem to the princess and tell her of the wonderful news!
19. Open the reward box. There is a chance of 1/10 to get a Love Forever Ring!
Good Luck!


January vote winners2022-02-01 18:59:45

Vote winners as of 01-02-2022 18:59:45:

Winners for January Top Votes:

Gismo 100 Votes - 10DP
Kyoko 92 Votes - 7DP
Vampires 85 Votes - 5DP


Patch 12162022-01-24 00:04:48

Please patch your client to version 1216. If you don't do this you won't be able to connect.

Player HP bars fixed.
_ConfigCreator.exe can now disable HPBars and some of the effects.


Patch 12152022-01-20 00:10:40

Please patch your client to version 1215. If you don't do this you won't be able to connect.

Player HP bars fixed.
Shift + Left Click for quick WH deposit and sell to shops fixed.
Proper implementation of the client time.
GW map record on login/logout disabled. You will login on TC now. So if you want that Pole be there to fight the doors.


Welcome 2022!2022-01-01 00:00:00

Happy new year 2022!

Thank you guys for another year on ConquerX!
Here's to another year of making memories with ConquerX!
The new year brings in new opportunities, but I am forever grateful that all those changes include ConquerX.
Thank you again guys and wish you a Happy New Year!
“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.”


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