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Welcome to our 8th year of ConquerX!

Server Version: 5062
Server Type: Classic
Rates: Middle
Red/Black DROP Gear
Started 26.06.2014
Location US (best ping all around)
No Nobility
No Potency
No Talismans
No Ninja
No Mentors
No Item Lock
GW from Saturday to Sunday
GW Start: 14:00 (2 PM) (Server Time)
GW Finish: 19:00 (7 PM)(Server Time)

Game changes2019-04-06 00:00:00

Game change

From today you can withdrawn +4Stone from XBank for 36 +1Stones.


Game changes2019-03-31 00:00:00

Server time

Last night the time changed for the summer time. 3 AM (morning) became 4 AM (morning).
This sunday will remain like this and see hows that time for the gw.
If all good will remain like this if no will change the time as it was last week.

AC Guild War2019-03-29 00:00:00

City wars for Ape City

Today city wars for Ape City was released.
You will find a Pole in AC and can be taken from Monday to Friday.
Members of the guild who controlls it will get +2 stones from ape city monsters drop directlly to xBank as 4 +1`s.


Important announce.2019-03-29 00:00:00

Game announce

From today there will be no more deleted characters recovery! If your character got deleted will remain deleted.
This rule enforced today as I found out some greedy private server owner try to fish players by giving them a char in exchange to delete the old one here.
Take care about!


Game Event2019-03-26 00:00:00

Ten`n out Event

Ten`n out event was fixed and is fully working now. The reward will be 15m gold.
You can enter from xx:40 to xx:43.


Game changes2019-03-18 00:00:00

Game change

From today Celestial skill got activation chance percent increased. From 10-19% to 26-35%
If this will make it to op I`ll make it lower. Please test it.


February vote winners2019-03-10 00:00:00

Vote winners as of 10.03.2019:

Winners for February Top Votes:

oVisz 129 Votes - 10DP
Skithyraq 109 Votes - 7DP
Isgama 109 Votes - 5DP


Game changes2019-02-15 00:00:00

Game changes

Guild War ending time has changed with 3 hour. Before was ending 7PM server time now will end 4PM server time.
Next week dragon boss time will be changed to.


January vote winners2019-02-11 00:00:00

Vote winners as of 11.02.2018:

Winners for january Top Votes:

Skithyraq 123 Votes - 10DP
oVisz 120 Votes - 7DP
FireOGKush 116 Votes - 5DP


Game system added2019-01-26 00:00:00

Game changes

Rewards for Online Points added. How to get Online Points? Well by being active on server you get every 10 minutes 1 point. (sit/market/mine) dont count. What can I do with them? Go to Xreward NPC in TC and a new option is there: Online Points. What does he sell? MS - 6 points, DB - 6 points, +3stone - 10 points, +4stone - 20 points, VIP for 10 min (wont stack) - 30 points.


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